Scott County Humane Society Adoption Program

Adopt One, Save Two!
Most of our animals are rescued from the Scott County Animal Shelter, an open-admission facility in Scott County which sadly sometimes does have to euthanize animals due to overcrowding.  Animals we remove from the animal shelter are placed into our foster–adoption or rescue programs, thus allowing more space in our county shelter for another animal.

The Scott County Animal Shelter is NOT the Scott County Humane Society. The shelter is a county-run agency which is the only open-admission and intake facility in Scott County. The Scott County Humane Society is a nonprofit organization and volunteer-run.  We have an Adoption and Education Center located at 751 Slone Dr. (Indian Acres Shopping Center) in Georgetown Kentucky.  While most of our animals are kept in foster homes, a limited number of cats who are available for adoption are kept at our Adoption Center.

When you adopt from Scott County Humane Society, you not only provide that cat or dog with a forever home, but you provide another homeless animal with more time at the county shelter, and give each a chance for hope to be either adopted at the shelter, or to enter into one of our foster-adoption programs, or rescue program.

All of the animals in our care have been spayed or neutered, given all their shots, nursed back to health when needed, and all the puppies and dogs have been gone through an industry standard temperament testing. By having our animals in foster care, it also allows them to be cared for in loving environments and become accustomed to people and other animals while they wait for permanent families into which to be adopted. This means that the pet you adopt from SCHS is healthy, happy and ready to love.

Before You Adopt:

  • Be sure that you and/or your family are ready for the commitment of owning a cat, kitten, dog or puppy.
  • Consider the costs to have a pet. Pets are expensive - they need food, shelter, toys, regular vet visits and shots!
  • Consider how much time you have for a pet. Pets are time consuming - they need your attention, affection, exercise, and play time!
  • If you rent, make sure pets are permitted before applying to adopt, and make sure you have budgeted for the pet deposit, and a monthly pet fee if one is required where you rent.
  • Do you know what kind of cat or dog you would like? Small or large, long or short haired, very active or very cuddly, a particular breed? If you don't know for sure, our adoption counselors can guide you in finding just the right pet for you.

Can't adopt right now?
Consider becoming a foster care home or sponsor a cat or dog.



Prior to being placed up for adoption, each foster cat or kitten receives at minimum: spay or neuter surgery, feline leukemia test, FVRCP vaccinations, de-worming, monthly flea treatment, and is implanted with a recovery microchip.

Standard Cat Adoption Fees:

  • Kitten (5 months and younger): $80.00
  • Pair of kittens special fee: $120.00 
  • Junior kitty (5 months to 1 year): $70.00
  • Pair of junior kitties special fee: $105.00 
  • Adult cat (1 year and older): $53.00

Please note: a purebred mix, longhaired, declawed or polydactyl cat or kitten is a VIP (Very Important Pet). The adoption fee for a VIP is an additional fee.  Please see the profile of the cat for the adoption fee.  A VIP is important because that kitty will help to leave a financial legacy so we can help the other homeless pets in our program.



Prior to being placed for adoption each dog or puppy receives at a minimum: spay or neuter surgery, heartworm test, vaccinations, de-worming, monthly flea treatment, and is implanted with a recovery microchip.

Standard Dog Adoption Fees: 

  • Dogs $200 (may vary depending on vet expenses)
  • Puppies $300