Paw Putters 2023

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Petco Love Vaccine

Thanks to Petco Love we are offering FREE Canine DAPP and Feline HCP vaccines!
Canine: includes Distemper and Parvovirus (DAPv 3 year
Feline: includes Calicivirus and panleukopenia(HCP)

 When:On June 14th 5pm-7pm

 Where: NobleView Veterinary Clinic

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 You can add on a rabies vaccine for $10 or a microchip for $12!

 Spaces are limited and we recommended registering ASAP!




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Top Three Donation Box Locations this Month!

1. Central Purrk Cat Cafe
2. Scott County Animal Shelter  
3. Petsense

Highlighted Cats
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  Barn Cat
Looking for a barn cat? Photos in this listing are simply generic photos. Since our barn kitty "inventory" changes, we only use generic photos but are able to send you specific photos of cats available when you put in a barn cat application with your interest and what you are looking for. SCHS has male and female cats who are in need of forever homes in barns! Short haired, medium haired, long haired, a variety of colors and patterns, and ages . . . .these more about Barn Cat
  Fancy- Must Apply in Person
If you would like to meet this cat, please make a reservation to visit the Central Purrk Cat Cafe in-person. The staff there can guide you through the cat adoption process if the meet-and-greet goes well.   Fancy, sometimes known as Birdie, is an independent but sweet girl. She has the nickname Birdie because she will chirp and sing at you for attention. She enjoys her own space and would do best with older, considerate kids or calm dogs. On her own time, she more about Fancy- Must Apply in Person
Fallout LOVES attention and affection. She is super sweet and does fine being held.  Are you looking for that one and only pet?  Fallout HATES other cats and does not like them anywhere near her.  She would prefer a house without other pets. Adoption fee: $53 Approx DOB 8/2/2016 We would love to hear from you! To inquire about this cat, please contact us via this site, visit to fill out our adoption application, or call more about Fallout
  Yogi is an endearing and affectionate fellow who is easygoing and loves to be petted. If you forget, he will gently place his paw on your hand to remind you! He will be excited to see you and will greet you at the door. We know that Yogi has lived with other cats and possibly dogs. He like to nibble on your hand so would be better of with older children or none at all. Yogi also answers to “Colby.”  Adoption fee: $53 (includes 6% sales tax) more about Yogi
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