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Barn Cat Barn Cat
Looking for a barn cat? Photos in this listing are simply generic photos. Since our barn kitty "inventory" changes, we only use generic photos but are able to send you specific photos of cats available when you put in a barn cat application with your interest and what you are looking for. SCHS has male and female cats who are in need of forever homes in barns! Short haired, medium haired, long haired, a variety of colors and patterns, and ages . . . .these more about Barn Cat
Coffee Coffee
Hi! I am Coffee, and I've been looking for my forever home for 8 months now. Just like coffee, I'm warm and full of energy. But don't worry, I won't tear up your house with all that energy, in fact my foster mom doesn't even leave me in a crate while she's gone anymore. I'd much rather put my energy to use playing in your yard, or playing with toys, or playing with other dogs I'm great with other dogs. After all that playing, I'd love to cuddle up with you in bed under the covers or in your more about Coffee
Treasure Treasure
  Treasure is a sweet, shy girl who lived the life of a feral dog until 7 months ago. She came to us pregnant and scared of everyone. There are several things she's still not used to doing, and several things that scare her so she will need an understanding family who will give her time to adjust in their home. She loves being petted and will sometimes join you on the couch or in bed to cuddle up. Things she finds scary: Car rides Thunder Storms and rain Loud sounds more about Treasure
Chester Chester
Chester is a happy, intelligent dog and should be easy to train.   He wants to please his human and would love to cuddle.  He will do best with a job to do.  He gets along with the cats and other big dog in his foster home and should do well with children. The  Mountain Cur  is a type of  working dog  breed for hunting as  well as being an all-purpose farm dog. Curs are a member of the more about Chester